About Me

Hello, and welcome to my art shop!

My name is Sarah and I am the creator of "Matoaka Art"

I live in Sydney, Australia and work full time as a small animal Veterinary Nurse.

Matoaka Art started off as a small personal side hobby as a way of relaxing my mind and taking a break from all of every day stresses. It soon grew and grew to eventually become my very own small business! 

I am a big believer in art being so essential for ones mental health, and I can personally say that the therapy of art pulled me through some very hard times. My goal now, is to continue to create items and pieces that you all love, while still enjoying the process of switching off and letting my creative juices flow!

Thank you to everyone's support that has gotten me this far. Matoaka Art would not exist without all of you. 

Thank you for visiting my little corner of the internet!

Till next time,

Sarah x